A New Trend of Online Shopping: Live Video Shopping


‘Live Video Shopping’ is a creative way of shopping online. The buyers can make purchasing decisions while the online shopkeepers show the details and usage of the goods in real time.


With the rapid development and population of online shopping, its strengths and weaknesses were showed. Though people can purchase goods without the restriction of time and space, the disadvantages still cannot be ignored (e.g. poor quality, diminished instant satisfaction, personally checked items).

Example of Live Video Shopping and How does it work?

To solve the problems which were mentioned above, one of the giant online retailers –Taobao.com (owned by Alibaba Group) implemented this new style of online shopping. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, promoted and encouraged both of the online shopkeepers and shoppers to use the live video shopping.

If there were any new arrivals, the shopkeepers can start a live video and display the products by using live video, showing the details and performances of goods. Take clothing store as an example, the shopkeeper can hire some models or internet celebrities and dress them with the new arrival clothes, giving buyers a well-rounded display (e.g. texture, colour, actual wearing effect) by a real-time recording.

Impact on online shopping behaviour

Without the real-time video, the online buyers may be attracted by the fancy pictures and the exaggerate performance because of the fancy art design, Photoshop and excellent sales promoters and advertisings then make an impulsive spending. Meanwhile, to some extent, the gap between the goods people received and the display on website results in the buyer’s disappointment towards online shopping. However, the application of ‘Live Video Shopping’ can decrease the discrepancies between the puffery and goods received in reality while increasing the enjoyment of shopping online. As a result, in some degree, this new trend can encourage people to shop online and enhance the advantages of shopping online (e.g. 24/7 available, time saving, easy-searching), since it can minus the risks of doing online shopping, for example, the products sold on website cannot have a trial and be personally checked.

At the end of my first blog, there is a video resource of ‘Live Video Shopping’ showing below. Hope you can enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for reading and watching!




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