The Internet Celebrities and Social Media: A Powerful Promotional Set


In recent years, the usage of internet and social media is increasing, many people are more likely to spend their spare time on browsing the news and interacting with friends in social media accounts, which makes the marketers and companies realise that social media becomes one of the most efficient and important channels for them to target and utilise their current customers and the prospective ones.

Hence, because of this phenomenon, not only the marketers and companies but also some online shopkeepers try to take the chance to advertise and promote their products then target their markets, delivering their products to the end customers.

Internet Celebrity and Its advantages

How people can become a successful internet celebrity? Only posting articles, videos and photos will not make them be noticeable in such a large-scale audience, but if they have a distinctive personality, they may increase the popularity and fame according to their outstanding contents; for example, some beautiful and good-shape female shopkeepers begin to dress up themselves with clothes they sold, taking photos and uploading them with their matching styles in their social media accounts (e.g. blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) to earn the views and popularity from the prospective consumers. Moreover, some of the companies also find some internet celebrities to be the spokesmen for them.


One of the most representative internet celebrities in China is DAYI ZHANG. She works as a shopkeeper in a, the Chinese version of eBay, followed by 4.4 million Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) users. She sales her clothes by live-streaming shopping, making 300 million yuan ($46 million) in sales, even earning more money than Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 3.13.00 pm

Why the internet celebrities can make a big amount of profit? The reasons are as followed:

  1. Comparing  with superstars, the internet celebrities are more closed to ordinary people’s life. In another  word, they are easier to follow because their clothes and make-up are much more cheaper than those luxury brands which are represented and endorsed by stars.
  2. The internet celebrities always post their unique clothing match styles in their social accounts before starting their online business, which attracts and gain plenty of people to become their fans, then these people can transfer to be the internet celebrities’ loyal customers.
  3. The internet celebrities implement a selling mode called ‘live selling and preselling’, that can lower the risks of being dull of sale and the clothes are out of date.

As those three reasons mentioned above, resulting in the last and the most important element which make this business successful:

4. Being similar to CBNData (2016) mentioned, since the internet celebrities have already gained the strong fan-based, kept posting their matching styles online, they can form a trend, influence and guide their fans and consumers to buy their products easily. As a result, their online stores have a large amount and stable visitor volume, which finally lead to a great profit.


  1. The Data and Report of Chinese Website Celebrities and Online Retailers in 2016| CBNData. (2017). Retrieved 2 May 2017, from

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