VR and AR bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds


The vital issue of online shopping is that the products buyers get online cannot match with what the sellers said and showed online. On the other hands, some people will visit the physical store and have a trial on the products then go back to the online shops to get a better deal because of the online shops can offer them a lower price, however, it is a high involvement and time-wasting to get a better deal in this way.

Buy+ platform was launched

In 2016, the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, inspired by the smartphone game called Pokemon Go, launching the Buy+ shopping platform and tried to fix the gap.


What is the Buy+?

Buy + is a shopping platform that applying the Visual Reality and Augmented Reality to build the 3D model of products and form a 360∘ degree view, detailing the products than on a PC. This robot shopping guide opens a new era of online shopping.


To get a further development, Buy + platform is not just content with the 3D modelling, the production team starts deliberating and applying the ‘Five sense simulation technique’ (5D modelling that you can touch, feel, smell, see and hear the products) into the platform.

The introduction and ideal video of Buy+ App:


And this is the trial video about Buy+ VR shopping platform.

What I am going to say is though VR shopping might be a creative trend of online shopping, as you can see in the second video, the user experience and the user interface are not very smooth running. It still has space to be improved.

Other successful businesses or application of using Augmented Reality and Visual Reality:

  • IKEA: IKEA Home Planner
  • Pokemon Go


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3 thoughts on “VR and AR bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds

    1. I’m so glad that you are interested in what I posted. Actually, I think you can get this App in Android’s or Apple’s app store. For the VR device which can suit for buy+, I think you just need the simple one, it won’t cost you a lot. Maybe 30 AU dollar or above? It depends on the brands you want.


  1. I think VR technology is the future of our life, there are many application on Gaming for VR and AR, but it is also useful for marketers. I am very interested in VR technology and hope to see more applications in our life.


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